Monday, July 21, 2008


Come and see the awesome sign out in front of BoMA the day of the show.My wonderful husband built it.I made the sewn patch on it with the event and time.That's one thing I can't get my husband to learn,sewing.If your driving down High Steet next month,keep an eye out, you may spot the sign in front of a Clintonville shop soon.

Strange Folk Festival

Strange Folk
A festival of social significance. A craft happening in psychedelic color.
September 27th and 28th, 2008
Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Community ParkO'Fallon, IL
Once upon a time, a strange gnome stumbled upon some twittering birds that told him how to find a magical book of faces. Watching the sunset flickr through the trees, he decided it was too late in the day for adventures. Instead, he went home to his mushroom and exclaimed, "This is my space, and I'm not leaving!"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thanks Westerville

The Westerville show was awesome !!!!!!! Other than some rain on Saturday.We had a very positive response to our work.We met lots of really nice people and seen some we havn't seen in years.I made the sign that is on my tent right before Comfest.I think it looks really good in front of my tent.If you look on the right side of booth,behind my chair,you can see a little bit of my "aquarium table".I made it a few years ago.I don't usually take it to shows but I wanted to show my best work since it was my first year at Westerville.I received tons of compliments on it.Time to start preparing for the next show in a week and a half.I have a ton of sewing to do to be ready.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I was mentioned in the Columbus Dispatch today

First of all.......This is a picture of the back of my chair.My husband bought me replacement seats for my directors chair that I use at shows.He also got some fabric pieces.This was all the way back at X-mas time.He had planned on cutting out the letters and using other materials, like beads and stuff, to decorate the chair.He PLANNED.It was a nice idea that he never completed.So I did it myself.
Anyhow,I met a real nice lady at Comfest(Molly).She had me contact Kristy Eckert at the Dispatch.Kristy said my bags were "super cute… fun, funky" and took my business info.She put me in a portion of her article in todays paper.SUPER COOL!!!!
Thanks Kristy!!!!! :0) Thanks Molly!!! ;0)
Check it out....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mary Moon Designs:Snp Westerville paper

I had an interview with local newspaper reporter Bret Lienendorfer on Monday.He came to my home and took some photos of me and my artwork.His article is about the upcoming Westerville Music and Arts Festival.We are participating artist in the first Westerville Walkway ,featuring all local artist.I hope it is a huge success for all of our neighbors and we have a beautiful weekend.We really appreciate that the festival organizers (Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce) are willing to invite and embrace the working artist in the community.
Hear is the link if you would like to see Bret 's article.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Westerville Music & Arts Festival is celebrating its 35th year.They are going to have a special area added this year for local artist.It is called the "Westerville Walkway".We are super excited that we will get to participate.Come out and see us at the show!!

My new Squirrel Bag

I just finished a making a batch of purses.Usually I prefer to carry bright colorful ones.Out of all of the ones I made I think this one is going to be MY OWN personal bag.I like natural colors but prefer pinks blues and purples.I am very pleased with how this one turned out.Actually there wasn't a bad one in the whole batch(13).If you see me at my next show(Westerville) stop by and take a look I think you'll enjoy them.

This is from an e-mail written by Liz(Craftin' Outlaws)
Check the vendors out now to start making your shopping list! We were able to select a large variety of items, styles, and price ranges- something for just about everyone.
We had an overwhelming number of applications this year- I think everyone is excited about the new venue, BoMA. Our previous years we had to deal with dark cramped conditions, half indoors and half out, inclement weather, tent poles, etc. This year we have a fantastic new venue, that although we will still be filling with vendors- the layout and indoor location with great lighting should provide a much better shopping experience.
Mark your calendar now-
Craftin' Outlaws 4th Annual Alternative Craft Fair
at BoMA (Bar of Modern Art)
583 E Broad St, downtown Columbus
August 16 from noon until 7p
Don't forget it is free admission and all ages- so bring your friends and family. There is free parking in the patron parking lot directly behind BoMA and also on Broad and surrounding streets.
Hope to see you there! Remember, Craftin' Outlaws is the ONLY 4th Annual Alternative Craft Fair in town, the biggest of its kind in Ohio. The hip craft fair you know and love- just a little earlier and at a new venue! If you are aware of the controversy- show your support and help spread the word where Craftin' Outlaws is and isn't this year...
*Craftin' Outlaws*
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