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Mary Moon Designs Touchy Feely

My husband built me this library table a few years ago.He painted it and finished it as well. I did all of the designing, decorating and pouring of the resin.
It turned out really cool ! ! !
We had hopes that it would sell quickly so we could make more.We had a lot of fun themes planned out.
Let me tell you when your packing your vehicle for a show it fills up fast.I have only taken the aquarium table to a handful of shows and don't have room in my house.So it gets stored in the garage where no one can see and appreciate it.
I have got lots and lots of compliments on it when I have put it out for people to see.Everyone likes to touch the shiny surface.I tell them things like,"you don't have to worry about feeding them fish" or "you don't have to change the water in that aquarium".
I decided to take it out of storage for anyone to see once again.Couchfire Collective is hosting a show titled Touchy Feely.It sounded like the perfect opportunity for people to see, and touch our collaborative piece.
I hope you come out and see it before it goes back into storage ;o)

Touchy Feely will be on display from February 25-27,2010
Join us for a reception Saturday, February 27, 6pm - 10pm
Ohio Art League Gallery, 1552 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43206
in the South Campus Gateway