Friday, May 14, 2010


I added this pic and more to my flickr page.Oddmall was pretty great :o)
I was able to visit with a bunch of vendors I had met at the previous Oddmall events. I met some new vendors as well. I had some of my favorite indie artists set up around me and had a wonderful booth partner. The customers that came out to the show were great as well.
Tommorow I wake up bright and early to set up shop in Delaware Ohio.
The weather man reported that it's going to be a beautiful weekend.This will be my first outdoor show of the year so i'm pretty happy to hear that.

Have a great weekend ! ! !

Friday, May 7, 2010

Two Events All In One Day

Hello, I'm waking up bright and early and heading to Hudson Ohio for another Oddmall.
It is a very unique show and should be really fun.
Esp. since I am sharing space with the one and only Space Dog Sarah :o)

Also my wonderful friends, the Crafty Cotillion, are hosting a really unique event.
They are showing a special screening of the popular DIY themed movie, Handmade Nation, at Studio 35.
They will also be setting up shop and showing off their own handmade goods.
I'm sorry I won't be in town for this one, but some of my stuff will be.
Thank you to my good friends, What The Rock ?!,who will be setting out some of my bags and zippies.

Have a Great Weekend ! ! !
Thanks for supporting your local artists :o)