Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crafter looks forward to annual Comfest visit

I am so excited ! ! !
Comfest is hear :o)
This year is extra special,
I had an interview with The Other Paper.
It hit the stands today,
It's titled "Crafter looks forward to annual Comfest visit"


Sunday, June 21, 2009

COMFEST is coming .............

it's almost hear,our favorite weekend of the year :o)
I've been working hard getting ready for Comfest2009.Last week I was working on my wood wall hangings.The New batch of colorful charecters turned out great.Make sure you stop by my booth and see them.
After I finished with the wall decor I moved on to a stack of zippies.I think i'm about zippered out.
My daughters b day was today so I made her a new purse with a new design.I love it and hope to post it soon.
Right now I'm working on a batch of bags :o)
It will be hear before I know it,I hope it all gets done.