Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mary Moon Designs sets up shop at first ever Oddmall

This last weekend I set up shop in Hudson,Ohio for the first ever Oddmall Emporium of the Weird.
Me and Mr.Moon drove up Friday night and set up the booth when we got there.We went out for dinner afterwards,it was late when we got back so we headed off to bed.It was nice to wake up knowing all I had to do was put out a few things and touch up my display.
It did take some thought as to how to set up my booth though.We were given a 8 foot by 6 foot space.Most of the shows we do have the standard 10' by 10' space but there usually outdoor events.I went with the "lemonade stand" style set up and worked from behind the table.
The customers were great,I really enjoyed talking to them and showing them my creations.It's so nice to get out of your local scene and meet new people and introduce them to Mary Moon Designs.We had really good neighbors as well,Deb(Artistic Flair) and her sister-in-law kept us entertained.

Special thanks to Jill(Pink Sky) for taking a photo of my booth.Mr.Moon had his camera but never took it out of his pocket.At least I have one photo from the event.
The vendors of the Oddmall were mostly from northern Ohio.I met a bunch of new talented and creative artists.I was able to find some great fun gifts for my kiddies as well.
Overall I say the show was a success.Being it was the "first ever" Oddmall,it brought in a good crowd that were making purchases.I sold pretty well and met new people and artists.I had a few local friends to chat with (SDS) and had some quality time with Mr.Moon.

Next week I will be setting up shop in Whetstone for the first ever Eco Chic Craftacular hosted by Etsy Team Columbus.You need to come out and check this show out,it is going to be something special,I can't wait.